At some point in our lives we might find ourselves having to cook a meal just for ourselves. That is what exactly happened to me; I had to start preparing meals just for myself because I had just got out of a six year relationship. It was something I was not use to; I was use to making meals for two or more people. I had worked in food serves since I was eighteen until a few years ago. One day, I was at the grocery store getting some microwavable meals for dinner. I thought that it would be better to pick up real simple items that I could throw in the microwave because there was no point to go through all that trouble to prepare a home cooked meal for myself. Other days, I would pick up something from a fast food restaurant but after awhile it gets boring eating the same old food, and I would carve a good home cooked meal.  I decided to look at some magazines, mainly cooking magazines, to get some ideas for dinner and I notice that most cooking magazines tend to focus on how to prepare meals for two or more people, but what about the single individual.  It had me thinking that it would be nice if I could find tips or recipes that would help individuals like me who are just cooking for one. Another thing that I also notice is that there are hardly any recipes that also for a single serving; so far I have not come across recipes that say this is a single serving dish unless it was a small frozen pizza that would be found in the frozen section of the grocery store. I know that when I am looking at recipes for a dish that is made to feed a family of six, I hate having to do the math to reduce the serving size which would be much more convenient if there was already a recipe for that same dish that was only made one single serving. That is the whole purpose of this blog is to make up for the lack of articles on cooking for one and recipes that would benefit anyone that might find him or herself cooking a meal for themselves. It would include recipes that I will prepare from cookbooks but the serving size will be for one serving or close to one serving without have too much leftovers. I could go on and on about what the purpose of this blog but its main idea is to focus on cooking for one.               

By briggskatrina

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