Cooking Terms and Tools

When it comes to cooking not all of us are chefs and know what the different terms and tools that are used in cooking. Here is a glossary of a few terms and tools that may or may not be familiar.

Cooking Terms

Julienne-This cooking term is referring to items mainly vegetables that are cut into long thin strips. The recipe may indicate how thin the strips will be.

Pare-Is to peel the outer layer of a fruit or vegetable. When it comes to using food as a decorative item, paring is the technique used to make flowers from tomatoes’ skin.

Roux- This is a thickening agent that consist of flour and water. It is use to make gravy, thicken soups, and stews.

Egg Wash- This term refers to adding light water to beaten eggs. The egg wash is used on pie crust to give it that golden brown color.



Cook’s Knife- this is also called the Chef Knife. This is the thickest and the heaviest knife and used to chop, slice, and dice food items.

Bread Knife- Is the longest knife in the knife set. The name explains the purpose of this knife, which is to slice bread.  

Paring Knife- This is a small knife that is used to trim fat off of meats. It is also used to peel the outer layer of fruits and vegetables.       

Dutch Oven- This may sound like it a type of oven but it is not. A Dutch oven is a type of cooking pot. Most Dutch oven are made out of cast iron. 

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