Thanksgiving just for One

Every year in November families plan their meals for Thanksgiving, but some individual may not have the time or the money to make it to family for Thanksgiving this year. If you find that you are spending Thanksgiving solo this year here is an idea for an individual Thanksgiving meal. Instead of buying a TV dinner or going out to eat this Thanksgiving, how about making a Thanksgiving dinner for one for this holiday season?

 I decided that since I will be spending this Thanksgiving solo this year I wanted to find away to still enjoy the Thanksgiving feast, but I did not want to cook a whole turkey for just myself. One day I was doing some grocery shopping and I was thinking about what I was planning on doing for this Thanksgiving this year. Every year I would always prepare a Thanksgiving meal but this year I only will prepare a meal for only myself which is new for me. As I was walking around the store all of sudden I came up with this brilliant idea for Thanksgiving this year. I decided that I would cook a Cornish hen. Thanksgiving is mostly all about the Turkey even though the Cornish hen is not exactly a turkey, but it is close enough. It is small and a great size to feed one person or two people.

The great part about a Cornish hen is that it takes less time to cook compared to a Turkey. When cooking a turkey it takes hours for it to cook. A turkey that is bought frozen at the supermarket it takes a few days depending on its size for it to thaw out. Also the other down size to preparing a turkey you must start the cooking the turkey early in order for it to be ready by a certain time. Plus there is no point to make a whole turkey for just one person unless of course you like leftovers and are willing to create several dishes that would last you a month or two. The Cornish hen takes about an hour to cook and you do not have to get up early to get it prepared to cook. There are different ways to prepare Cornish hens which you can find several different recipes on Another great website that you can find great recipes for Cornish hens is on which this website contains a video and the recipes are rated by people that have tried the recipe. The great thing about the food network website is the recipes have levels based upon individual’s cooking levels. If individuals that have are just beginning on the path of learning how to cook can find a recipes that are at his or her skill level.   

Now that it has been decided to cook a Cornish hen this Thanksgiving it’s deciding what else you would like to make with the Cornish hen. I notice one day as I was walking down the can vegetable item at the grocery store that they have small cans that is perfect for one individual. It is up to you what kind of vegetable that you like for your own small Thanksgiving meal. Now you do not have to have canned vegetables and just make a salad as your vegetable. The thing about canned vegetables it does not take long to cook and you do not have to do anything fancy with them. All I am going to use is butter, salt, and pepper when cooking some canned green beans.  

The next on the list to prepare this Thanksgiving is deciding on what kind of starch you want. In most traditional Thanksgiving meals mashed potatoes is always served as an item. Mashed potatoes can easily be prepared for one individual person. To make homemade potatoes for one person all you would need is two or three small potatoes or you can decided if you do not want to make homemade there is always instant mashed potatoes that are individually packaged. With homemade mashed potatoes all you need is a few ingredients which are: milk or heavy whipping cream, butter, salt and pepper, and sour cream (optional). To make the mashed potatoes you start out by boiling some water while waiting for the water to boil you need to peel the potatoes unless you like the peel in your potatoes. After peeling the potatoes, to make sure that the potatoes are going to get really soft and tender when cooking them is to cut them into thin slices. Once the potatoes are finished the best method that I found that make great creamy mashed potatoes is to use beaters to mash the potatoes. The one thing that you have to be careful with homemade mash potatoes is not to add to much milk or heavy whip because it will cause your potatoes to be runny. The way that I make sure not to make my potatoes to runny is by adding a little bit of milk or heavy whipping creamy at a time. To make sure that the meal is prepared at the same time is to wait until the Cornish hen is half way cooked that way it gives time for the rest of the items that you want to prepare to finish at the same time.

A Thanksgiving meal is not complete without the dessert. The good thing is that you do not have to prepare a whole pie. Most stores have individual pies that you can choose from. If you want to make a whole pie that would be up to you. You can also make a single serving homemade pie which you can Google single serving pies to find a recipe. I found that most single serving recipes makes tiny pies that you will have about 10 to 12 of them. If you just want one individual slice of pie the best thing would to buy a single slice of pie at the grocery store.

As you can see there is a way to prepare a Thanksgiving feast for one. With a little bit of an imagination and doing some shopping around you can find items to put together for your own individual meal without having to go out a buy a TV dinner or go out to eat somewhere for Thanksgiving.        

By briggskatrina

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