When it comes to cooking for just yourself it may be easy to grab something quick or buy microwavable meals.  In the end, it may be cost more than making home cooked meals at home. Just how does someone who is cooking for him or herself save money and finds the time to prepare home cooked meals?

 It may be simple has preparing meals in advance. At first it may seem overwhelming, but it would be the way to have home cooked meals that are already prepared and all you have to do is heat and serve. The first thing that needs to happen is to find sometime were you can sit down and figure out what time is the best for you to dedicate  a full day just preparing different dishes. Beverly Robinson, who is a financial advisor that prepares meals for one, says, “That it takes discipline for someone to take the time to prepare meals for a whole month in advance.”  What she first suggests is go to a place like Big Lots and buy microwavable containers that have lids.  She explains, “If you shop around you can find those types of microwavable containers that are inexpensive and are reusable and dishwasher safe.” 

Finding containers is just one of steps but you also need to create a menu. Make a list of different types of recipes that you would like to try. Most recipes make about six servings or more depending on the meal that you plan to prepare. If you are trying to eat a well balance diet there are recipes that include most of the food groups in one dish. Also recipes that have call for white rice can be substituted for whole grain rice. One thing that is great about planning a menu for a month is that each month you can try something new. Even if you do not want to make a whole month of food, you can also try starting off by making a week worth of meals. That way it does not seem overwhelming.

After getting the menu planned on what you want to make, it is time to shop for the items that you need. “When it comes to shopping for the items that you need, you need to figure out where you can get the best bargains,” stated Beverly. The best way to do that is to look online or local store advertisement at various stores to find out the best deals.  One place that could be the best place to shop is places where you can get items in bulk. Some items might be better to buy at other places. Beverly mentions that she gets her spices at Big Lots. “The spices at Big Lots are cheaper compared to other places,” Beverly stated.  She also mentions that if you want to save money it is best to get all you’re shopping done all at once. She says, “It will cost you more money if you shop multiple times throughout the month.”   

The final thing that comes with preparing meals for a month or week for you is dedicating a time to prepare the meals.  This requires you to figure out a day that you are not busy and can spend the day cooking. Depending on what meals you plan is going to determine how long you are going to spend your day cooking over a hot stove. This is the part that will definitely require disciple.  It may not be fun at first but once the meals are done you will have more time the rest of the month to do other things.  

Though this method might not be for everyone it does have it benefits. If you have meals already prepare you are going to save money and time. It will save you money by preventing you from spending money on fast food places and on frozen entrées that run about two to three dollars.  Most of us have busy schedule and one time a month preparing meals for ourselves can be beneficial. When we are in a hurry and need something for lunch, lunch is already prepared we can grad it and go.              

Preparing a month or week of meals is it worth the time

By briggskatrina